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Become SEO Strategist and Help Brands Win

Become SEO Strategist and Help Brands Win


January 27, 2023

The best SEO strategists don’t just help brands win in the long run; they make sure they win big.

The first and foremost reason to Become SEO Strategist is to help brands rank higher in Google and other search engines, which increases visibility and drives more traffic to a website or app. This ultimately leads to better financial performance for brands and businesses.

You have to make sure your content is optimized for search engines and that your site is mobile-friendly if you want to stay competitive in today’s market.

SEO does sound simple! But there’s a lot more to it than just ranking on page one. 

In addition, SEO does not only focus on website rankings anymore, businesses are leveraging other channels to market their products as well. Thus, SEO professionals need to be familiar with all kinds of platforms and algorithms. 

Throughout this blog, you will discover how to become SEO strategist and implements strategies to ensure long-term success for his clients.

What is an SEO specialist (or SEO expert)?

Search engine optimization is the process of ranking higher in search results. To do this, one must understand how Google and marketing channels and their algorithms work. These search engines expect an SEO strategist to plan a strategy according to their terms and guidelines. 

If you want to become SEO strategist, for example, you have to market a product or business on YouTube differently from Facebook or Twitter. Although their search engines work differently, keyword research is almost similar. 

It's not just about putting keywords on your page, it's about making sure those keywords are used in the most effective way possible to help your business thrive online.

Most people think if you become SEO strategy is something they can learn on their own, but there are many factors that go into making sure your business is ready for search engine optimization. 

There is so much you need to learn in order to be successful on your own and for your business, from finding out what keywords your target audience may use to writing copy for your website or social media channel.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of how an SEO strategist can help a brand succeed, let's first discuss what an SEO strategist is supposed to do.

What does an SEO specialist do?

An SEO specialist or expert knows how to put together a plan that will give you the best chance of achieving high rankings in search engines. They'll analyse your site and identify any issues that might be holding you back, then create strategies to fix them.

To ensure profitability, an SEO specialist performs the following tasks.

Knowledge of Google's technical SEO guidelines

Let's start with the basics. 

An SEO specialist is a person who helps your website get found on Google. They do this by following a set of guidelines that Google has put out and that help ensure the best possible experience for users who are searching for information on their site.

Become SEO specialists and you will help you optimize your site so that when your customers search for something, they can find what they're looking for, and more importantly, they find it as quickly as possible.

Competing methodological research experience

One of the most important skills an SEO professional should learn is how to conduct research to gain a competitive analysis. 

By researching your competitors and customer behaviour, you will be able to select the right keywords for your website and plan accordingly. You can use it to develop and fine-tune the strategy for your digital marketing campaign.

Furthermore, methodological research helps SEO strategists gain a better understanding of the content and overall strategy of digital marketing. For instance, creating a complete outline for content, such as what type of content should be written, how many words should be in the content or the keyword placement.

Liaising with the content marketing team and understanding the strategy

Content marketing is a crucial part of any SEO campaign, as this helps to build trust and authority in your website. An expert will liaise with the content marketing team to understand their strategy and ensure that your website is content optimized for search engines. 

They're the ones who make sure that your site's content is written in a way that makes it easy for search engines to recognize and rank, and they work with the rest of your team to create content that will rank highly with search engines.

An SEO specialist ensures that the content team embeds and incorporates the keywords provided by the SEO team effectively. It is important to avoid over-optimizing and keyword stuffing. Your SEO ranking may also be negatively affected by sloppy content and irrelevant content.

Understanding the context of your industry tenaciously

SEO specialists should become familiar with the brand or product, its history, relevance, and competitors, as well as the entire industry in which they operate. 

Identify what's new in the industry, discover what the customer expects, and create effective keyword strategies based on their personas.

To create a successful marketing campaign, the SEO strategist works with the branding team as well.

What it takes to Become SEO Strategist: Top 10 Skills

Become SEO Strategist Top 10 Skills

Like every other skill, becoming an SEO has further subdomains to earn this skill as a whole and requires any SEO professional to master. 

  • Technical SEO

There is a common misconception that SEO only involves keyword research and competitor analysis. That's not true. Besides learning how to secure a website or a specific web page, SEO professionals should also be able to remove dead and expired links, duplicate content, and errors that might slow down a website. 

Therefore, eventually, they have to learn about what happens behind the scenes. SEO strategists must ensure that they implement practices that make it easier for Google and other search engines to crawl their sites.

  • Off-page SEO 

The term "off page" refers to all the activities you do outside of the website you are working on that have an effect on its ranking on search engine results pages SERPs. 

In other words, whatever is done outside of the website to demonstrate the authority of a website on search engine's first page, whether it's link building, content marketing, social media marketing, or reviews.

  • On page SEO 

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engines. It includes things like writing compelling meta descriptions, making sure your title tags are descriptive and concise, and optimizing your internal linking structure.

  • Link building

Link building is the process of creating back-links on other sites (i.e., another site links to yours). This can be done through guest posting or other forms of outreach that include asking others to link to your site.

  • Keyword research

Keyword research is the process of finding relevant terms that people are searching for online so that you can optimize your content around those terms. 

For example, if you're a hair salon in New Jersey then you would want to find "hair salons near me" as well as other variations on that phrase so that when someone searches for it they find your site first instead of someone else's.

  • Content creation & content marketing

Content creation and content marketing are two sides of the same coin, you need both in order for your website/blog to stand out from the crowd.

But I think that content creation and marketing are equally important parts of an SEO specialist's job, even more so than link building or keyword research. After all, how can you expect to get ranked highly in search engines if no one's reading your content?

And how can anyone read your content if nobody knows about it? I firmly believe it begins with great content, followed by getting people to read it!

  • Analytics

An SEO specialist/strategist uses analytics to track how people are using your site, what they're searching for, which pages are popular and why, and more. He uses this information to make adjustments to your site's content and design to improve its overall performance.

  • Web coding

This refers to the programming language used to create websites. An SEO specialist must be familiar with the basics of web coding languages like HTML5 and CSS3 in order to edit them without breaking anything on the website.

  • Decision making

They are also responsible for making decisions about which changes to make on a website to improve its ranking in search results. Research and understanding of how different factors affect one another, along with a good understanding of the language used in SEO, are necessary to be able to make these decisions.

  • Project management

Typically, SEO specialists are responsible for managing both their own projects and those of other people who are working on the same site or campaign. Keep track of deadlines, budgets, and other constraints while keeping up with what's happening within their team at all times.

SEO specialist salary

The average salary for an SEO specialist is $49,000 to $70,000 per year. This number will vary depending on experience and location, but the average is a good starting point. As with most careers, the more experience you have, the more you can expect to earn.

It's important to note that this salary is only an average, you may find your own salary to be higher or lower than this range.

What are the long-term benefits to become SEO Strategist?

What are the long term benefits of SEO

Investing in SEO is a long-term strategy that will benefit businesses in the long run.

The benefits to become SEO Strategist are numerous, but they mostly come down to two things: increased traffic and higher conversions. If you're not getting more customers or more sales from your website, then it's hard to see how SEO could be worth the time and energy it takes.

But once you start seeing those results, you'll realize how much of an asset SEO can be for your business. It's not just about getting new customers; it's about keeping them!

SEO helps you keep customers by making sure search engines find your website, then indexing its content so that when people search for something similar to what your site offers (in terms of products or services), they'll find yours first. 

Is SEO a good career for the future?

SEO is a great career for the future.

We've seen it grow from a "niche" field to a full-fledged industry, and it's still growing. A lot of people think SEO is just about ranking websites higher in Google searches, but it's so much more than that. It's about understanding how people use the internet and using that information to create content that your audience will love.

SEO is also a great career because there are so many ways to do it, you don't have to be stuck with one job title or company. You could get into social media marketing, content writing, or even designing websites! The possibilities are endless.

Are you getting good results from your current SEO strategy?

Are you getting good results from your current SEO strategy? 

If not, it's time to consider a change.

Atlantis is here to help with our new SEO Services. Our SEO professionals can help you determine in order to improve your rankings and get more traffic to your site.

We offer a wide range of services including keyword research and analysis, audit reports, conversion rate optimization, and much more!